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With more than 20 years of experience from the rugged computing industry JLT Mobile Computers brings you news, discussion and insights about the use of technology in extreme environment

Beware of device specifications – they may not tell the whole story

Getting the right kit for your warehouse can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your operation, but in a world of choice how do you make sure you pick the right manufacturer of your rugged computers? It’s especially difficult when there are different shades of rugged. We give you some handy hints on what to look for and what to avoid when you’re investing in new devices for your demanding environment.

What to think about before you buy new rugged computers

What’s your first thought when you start procuring new rugged devices? Spec, cost, supplier? What about your employees or the importance of testing? Our VP of Sales Americas, Matt Meersman, talks you through five things to consider to ensure you get the best solution and deployment for your operation.

How to Engage Your Warehouse Workforce to Boost Productivity

There’s a tendency to focus on machines and technology when we talk about warehouse productivity. But you shouldn’t forget the role your employees play in the success of your operation. An unmotivated worker can make efficiency dive and disengagement spreads fast. So, what can you do to transform the unengaged into the super industrious?In this blog post we look at practical measures you can do to get the most from your workforce and boost your warehouse’s productivity.

Five Reasons Your Warehouse Productivity is Down

You need your warehouse to run like a well-oiled machine. A slick operation of goods in and goods out. However, there are lots of things that can cause friction and slow down your operation. Discover five common reasons your warehouse productivity is down and what you can do about it.

Poor Connectivity in The Warehouse – The Trickle-down Effect

Find out how poor connectivity in your warehouse impacts your business and how the effects can be felt far beyond the warehouse floor. From IT to operations, many of your company’s departments could be affected by an inadequate network or sub-standard connected devices. And in some cases, the consequences can even reach your customers.

Going Rugged – The 3 Most Important Considerations When Selecting a PC for Extreme Operating Conditions

Unplanned interruptions in your operation or supply chain caused by IT failure can be very costly. Think about it, what is the cost if your customer doesn’t get the merchandise in time; or you cannot invoice; or people have to work overtime and weekends to catch up on lost time from interruptions? No doubt, having reliable IT solution and computer hardware is important, especially if your business uses computers in harsh industrial environments. A thorough evaluation is essential to ensure your investment is successful. Here are the top three most important features to consider when evaluating PCs for use in tough environments.

What You Need to Know About Windows 10 IoT in the Rugged Computing Space

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s concept for the future of consumer and business operating systems, replacing all previous versions of Windows, which is undoubtedly having a significant impact on corporate IT systems and the mobile workforce. Here we’re taking a look at the specific benefits that Windows 10 – the IoT version – brings to the rugged mobile computing space, guiding you through some of its pertinent features, and answering the most common questions about the impact of this new operating system (OS) on day-to-day business.

Customization Is King – When It Comes to Rugged Computing One Size Rarely Fits All

All businesses operate differently, and sometimes the standard solutions available on the market don’t fully address the specific challenges. When it comes to business operations relying on rugged computing, a one-size-fits-all approach rarely meets the requirements. Considering the entire chain of operations, and not just the specifications of the rugged computers themselves, customizations of standard solutions that will make your daily business run a lot smoother can be identified, whether that’s in terms of deployment, software, service or other kinds of adjustments.

The 3 Major Business Costs of IT Failure

Computer breakdowns and downtime can have severe cost implications for all types of businesses. In some high-throughput situations such as logistics, even minor computer glitches can cause severe operational disruption that takes hours or days to put right. This is why it’s important to consider these costs carefully and invest in the right equipment, of the right quality, to avoid downtime in the first place.Here are the three biggest costs businesses face when dealing with IT failure. 

What is rugged? And what does it really mean?

The term “rugged” is well established within the IT sector where it commonly describes equipment that can be used in harsh environments. But how harsh does that mean specifically? There is no one single correct answer to this question as the functionality of the hardware needs to be tested in its real environment to be fully guaranteed. However, there are specifications that define some of the tests and limits for the strains rugged equipment can withstand, such as the IEC standards and MIL-STD conformity. Here follows a brief guide to the quality standards you’ll come across when considering rugged IT hardware for your operations, along with useful tips on what features to look for.

What is Rugged? - Part 2, Essential Rugged Features not in the Standards

There are a number of criteria necessary for any device to be given the label “rugged” that aren't specified by any industry standards, such as the IEC and MIL standards, but are just as important to keep in mind when it comes to rugged equipment. Learn about the essential rugged features not in the standards here.

The 3 Hottest Trends Shaping Today’s Rugged PC Industry

Like all technology-based sectors, rugged computing is evolving quickly as technology advances bring better functionality, increased reliability and lower cost of ownership to industrial computing. Here are the three hottest trends that are shaping the industry at the moment.



With more than 20 years of experience from the rugged computing industry JLT Mobile Computers brings you news, discussion and insights about the use of technology in extreme environment