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For enterprise companies to fully leverage their technology solutions, realizing maximum customer satisfaction and return on investment


Appropriate planning, installation and integration can make or break any IT investment. The key to a successful deployment begins with thorough evaluation of the project followed by a detailed plan to avoid common pitfalls. JLT Technology Services include site surveys, installation and deployment services, hardware and wireless as a service (HaaS/WaaS) and project management and is offered to provide first-class service and support throughout the entire process – from custom developed solutions to delivery, installation and maintenance.

Installation and Deployment
Before starting a deployment, JLT can help to evaluate the project, do a site survey, test compatibility with existing devices and create a deployment plan to ensure that the right deliverables are assigned and executed, and that the right resources are available to meet the task at hand.


Hardware and Wireless as a Service
The hardware and wireless as a service (HaaS/WaaS) program from JLT is an all-inclusive, turn-key enterprise level solution. We survey, design, configure, deploy and optimize your setup and proactively manage it throughout the contract term. JLT will monitor your networks’ health 24/7 for maximized performance and in case of any outages remote diagnose and repair will be performed or if necessary a service technician is dispatched for on-site repair.




Note: JLT Technology Services is availble for the North American market only


JLT:Care™ Service Agreement

Maximum Uptime The service agreement gives a guaranteed turn-around time.

Full Security – no questions asked.

Easy handling - optional worldwide pick-up and drop-off service.

Easy administration – 24/7 RMA registration, failure notification and tracking.

Predictable Total Cost of Ownership – fixed cost, 3 or 5 years contract.

Customer case

Route Optimization by Use of Rugged Computers

Lantmännen - the Swedish Farmers Supply and Crop Marketing Association has improved their efficiency by installing rugged PC computers from JLT Mobile Computers in their transportation trucks, showing real time data and giving optimized route information directly to the driver.

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100 000 computers ship world wide

JLT pioneered the rugged computer market, shaping it over the last two decades by instigating and championing a level of design andmanufacturing quality demanded by the leaders in the world’stoughest end-markets. 20+ Years in Business – Because it Works!

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